Go into Greater Bay Area
Activate cross-border consumption with points
KeyPoints is headquartered in Hong Kong and has become a member of Cyberport Incubation Program 2020 (FinTech segment).
We have partnered with UnionPay International to participate in Fintech Proof-of-Concept Subsidy Scheme launched by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB). On our proprietary point exchange platform, users can bind UnionPay credit cards and use its "two-code-in-one" technology to pay with points offline at UnionPay merchants.
KeyPoints has also entered Gongho space in Zhongshan City this year to further expand the Greater Bay Area market and foster talent development there.

KeyPoints makes a change to the loyalty world

KeyPoints aims to become a mainstream loyalty points exchange platform. We collected customer opinions and based on the current market deficiencies and pain points to innovate the most simple, and cost-effective loyalty points exchange platform to the market. KeyPoints not only undertakes technical innovations, but also greatly expands the usable range.

Golden Touch

Have you ever thought that Golden Touch can be real? KeyPoints aims to help you better use of loyalty points, maximize your points value and rewards through our merchant network supports!

No more boundaries

Loyalty points redeem only limited to one merchant? This is outdated! Now, you can freely exchange your points from one merchant to another one. Importantly, it applies to all the partners we connected over the world!

Points can be integrated?

Not enough points to redeem? You can use more than one loyalty program in KeyPoints to get the reward instantly!

Track all balance in one button

Understand you may be annoying with lots of loyalty accounts and credentials. You now link all the loyalty programs to KeyPoints and check all the balance anytime with one button only.