Do you actually know what your loyalty points can actually get you? The new loyalty points conversion platform KeyPoints is here to offer everyone a brand new perspective towards what loyalty points could offer you. At this moment, you might be interested in KeyPoints but not sure what you would need to do. Don’t worry!

Here are more details:

1. Register + Login

In order to use KeyPoints – the loyalty points conversion platform, an account that could be registered with few simple steps and authentication is required.

2. Choose your service

It’s time for KeyPoints to do its work! KeyPoints provide 3 main services, including loyalty points checking, loyalty points conversion, and gift redemption. You might ask, what’s the difference between KeyPoints and other loyalty points conversion website? As you might have noticed, KeyPoints does not limit users’ conversion of loyalty points within the same merchant! In another word, you can pass you points to any one of KeyPoints partners whenever you need. (user must be members of the two merchants involved in order to do so)

3. Combination of loyalty points

KeyPoints as an innovative loyalty points conversion platform, introducing you the function of combining loyalty points from different merchants. This increases the your flexibility by allowing you to decide your own combinations for usage of loyalty points!

4. Method of application

Go to user’s page by logging into KeyPoints, and you would be able to access to functions introduced to you earlier. If you would like to check your loyalty points of all merchants you have registered at once, you only need to log into the home page of KeyPoints, and they will all be shown in one go!

It is also easy for you to convert loyalty points:

  1. Choose the merchants you would like to transfer points from and to (you can transfer points from more than one merchants)

  2. Specify the amount of loyalty points you would like to convert

  3. That’s it! But please be aware that some of the partners are unable to provide immediate confirmation service (confirmation letter can be read from personal email/account)