A New Step Of Your Loyalty Program

Membership Loyalty program not only about how many points owned by customer, but also how to engage they are. KeyPoints is going to innovate the platform to engage the members and merchants by using the latest technology and based on actual customers wants. Facilitate liquidity of point transactions, drive traffic and boost sales through “earn and burn” ecosystem and provide more opportunities to merchants to increase the efficiency and effectiveness. It becomes a Win-Win solution between merchants and customers.

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Reach Out Target Customers

KeyPoints welcome all companies no matter any scale or background even though you haven’t set up your loyalty program! You can reach more users around the world while engaging with your existing customers!

Growth your loyalty members

KeyPoints users have to register your loyalty program if they want to convert from / to your points / redeem your products. Your member base definitely grows after joining KeyPoints with your great offers.

Synergy Effects

KeyPoints continues to expand our partners network and looking for more business opportunities. We can also line up different merchants for joint promotion or any business cooperation for the synergy effects.


KeyPoints aims to connect customers and merchants over the world. If you have any expansion plan to other markets, you should not hesitate to join us now. People from other countries can try your services or products through KeyPoints ecosystem, it makes an expansion!