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New exchange platform for you to manage loyalty points and redeem

KeyPoints aims to become a mainstream loyalty points exchange platform. We collected customer opinions and based on the current market deficiencies and pain points to innovate the most simple, and cost-effective loyalty points exchange platform to the market. KeyPoints not only undertakes technical innovations, but also greatly expands the usable range.

Check The Point Balances

Easy to check and manage all linked loyalty programs across different merchants at once!

Exchange Points

Exchange points between different merchants!

Points Integration

Single points / multiple points to redeem items; Single points / Multiple points + cash to points / items; Multiple points to points

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就喺無幾耐之前,我哋以公司名義「Key Points Exchange」參加左一個由香港零售科技商會所舉辦嘅「Retail Innovation Award 2020」比賽,喺呢個比賽入面有超過一百間公司作為我哋嘅競爭對手而且每一間公司嘅實力都有返咁上下,當然!我哋KPEX成個班底都係行雷出世,就算面對任何挑戰都唔會怕,正所謂「怯你就輸一世」! 經過咗多個月嘅篩選,我哋KPEX 終於喺2020年11月5日從主辦單位手上面接過「Retail Innovation Award 2020」嘅金獎!喺要上台果刻有諗過會唔會做咗關家姐,不過再聽真啲發覺真係叫緊我哋!證明咗我哋一班痴線佬所做嘅野都得到一個肯定。同時我哋咁多位會繼續努力將成果發揚光大!

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Attention! Discovery of a useful loyalty points conversion platform!

Do you actually know what your loyalty points can actually get you? The new loyalty points conversion platform KeyPoints is here to offer everyone a brand new perspective towards what loyalty points could offer you. At this moment, you might be interested in KeyPoints but not sure what you would need to do. Don’t worry! Here are more details: 1. Register + Login In order to use KeyPoints – the loyalty points conversion platform, an account that could be registered with few simple steps and authentication is required. 2. Choose your service It’s time for KeyPoints to do its work! KeyPoints provide 3 main services, including loyalty points checking, loyalty points conversion, and gift redemption. You might ask, what’s the difference between KeyPoints and other loyalty points conversion website? As you might have noticed, KeyPoints does not limit users’ conversion of loyalty points within the same merchant! In another word, you can pass you points to any one of KeyPoints partners whenever you need. (user must be members of the two merchants involved in order to do so) 3. Combination of loyalty points KeyPoints as an innovative loyalty points conversion platform, introducing you the function of combining loyalty points from different merchants. This increases the your flexibility by allowing you to decide your own combinations for usage of loyalty points! 4. Method of application Go to user’s page by logging into KeyPoints, and you would be able to access to functions introduced to you earlier. If you would like to check your loyalty points of all merchants you have registered at once, you only need to log into the home page of KeyPoints, and they will all be shown in one go! It is also easy for you to convert loyalty points: Choose the merchants you would like to transfer points from and to (you can transfer points from more than one merchants) Specify the amount of loyalty points you would like to convert That’s it! But please be aware that some of the partners are unable to provide immediate confirmation service (confirmation letter can be read from personal email/account) Portal:

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HKTaxi discount, can be cheaper than taking the tram!

Great news! HKTaxi is collaborating with KeyPoints for the first time! You can now redeem cash coupons for HKTaxi using loyalty points from other merchants. Spend it like cash! We often order taxi back home after a night out, but what happens when you don’t have cash? Use HKTaxi !!! Not only does it accept e-payment, you can also redeem HKTaxi cash coupons through KeyPoints! Start turning loyalty points into cash! Redemption method: Download HKTaxi app, register as user Enter and log into KPEX loyalty points exchange platform website Select gifts redemption (HKTaxi) Enter relevant information Coupon will be automatically added to HKTaxi ‘Payment method’

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