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Hang Seng Bank JUMP Event - The Origins of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Our Co-founder & CEO, Mr. Kim Mak, has been invited to be the guest speaker of HASE JUMP Q4 2021 event for Hang Seng Bank. The theme was “Origins of Entrepreneurship” and it was to encourage internal staff of Hang Sang Bank to speak up new ideas with attempt to execute innovation in every small part of the audience’s work.

Kim has shared the mindset of being an entrepreneur, how he has adopted himself from working at conglomerates to starting his own business. It is pivotal to entrepreneurs to be able to identify market pain points and crystalize business opportunities to nurture startup growth.

Thanks for the invitation from Hang Seng Bank, we are able to let audience know the purpose of KeyPoints Exchange and our mission to accelerate digital loyalty payment adoption in Greater Bay Area market. Realizing one’s dream is never easy but it’s going to be worth it. All we have to embrace is the frustration and failure along the way and how we learn from the mistakes we have made.

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