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Connecting Cross-Metaverse Rewards
with Real-World Offers

There are emerging numbers of Metaverse today,  

each with a substantial number of rewards to engage with users. 

However, the rewards they earn from each Metaverse cannot be used across other virtual worlds,  not to mention to redeem offers in the real world. 


At KeyPoints 3.0, we are committed to integrating rewards across Metaverse. 

Users can consolidate the rewards and convert them into

monetary value to redeem real-world offers. 


Loyalty NFT

NFT has immense potential to change the landscape of  

customer loyalty and brand awareness. 

Brands can focus on building their loyal communities  

where NFT holders receive exclusive and scarce benefits and offerings. 

As a result, brands build loyalty among their customers. 


Digital Asset Acceptance at POS

Digital assets like loyalty points,

and many other forms

can be used to pay at POS.

With KeyPoints 3.0 payment plug-in at POS,

we help realize digital asset payment.



Showcasing Metaverse Applications 

Nurturing Web 3.0 ecosystem in Hong Kong 


The first and largest-in-town exhibition of Metaverse in Hong Kong,  

MetaX helps organize the exhibition by inviting key players in this industry  

to demonstrate their Web 3.0 projects to corporates and the public, 

and show how Metaverse will change the business environment. 

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