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Hong Kong startups entering Greater Bay Area (Zhongshan)

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups has jointly organized a sharing seminar about Hong Kong startups entering Greater Bay Area (Zhongshan) with Gungho Space & e-Park, who are the startup incubators focusing in GBA market.

The whole seminar is about introducing the characteristics of Zhongshan; as a city in the Greater Bay Area, how its unique advantages and comprehensive support can nurture the growth of startups there.

Founders of Hong Kong startups have been invited to share their experiences in setting up Zhongshan office, for instance, application qualifications for entry and the required documents to be submitted, etc.

Our CPO and Co-founder, Jonathan Lee, has talked about his entrepreneurial aspirations in Hong Kong and the journey of business development in Zhongshan. It is a pivotal milestone of KeyPoints Exchange to step into Greater Bay Area, facilitating the cross-border point payment in the market.

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