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Inter Academy 

Man Lap International Sports Group has promoted football in Hong Kong for many years. It has changed the traditional way of football training, while arranging programs of Inter Milan in Hong Kong. The goal of Man Lap is to train students to pave way to become a professional football player, or nurture them to be capable to complete overseas training, ultimately to realize students’ dream of becoming a real football player.

Our Service 

Enterprise System Development


Our Project

Currently, many processes of Man Lap International rely on manual input, for instance, student registration, attendance taking, etc, which is outdated and inefficient, hindering the development of the whole group.


We have developed a school management system for Man Lap International, where students can log in to browse courses, purchase and register online. Coaches can also log in to check their course time and help record student attendance. This system can greatly reduce the time and error rate of manual entry and verification by employees, as well as automatically check data accuracy, increasing efficiency to attract more customers.

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